MOGA Ace Energy Controller for iOS 7 to land Wednesday within the Apple Retailer



The first so-called MFI controller for iOS 7 is available at the online Apple Store. Starting tomorrow the Ace power controller  will appear in retail stores,   MOGA is the first to Made for iPhone (MFI) controller , which has been made available in the online Apple Store. The MOGA Ace Power Controller for iOS 7 will cost $99 and  can also be reserved in  the manufacturer official site . Touch Arcade Game Site, the controller already had a week to test a variety of games and finds that it is a good controller, but there is still much untapped potential. A video shows the controller in all its glory.

MOGA-Ace-Power-frontThe main limitation of the MOGA controller is that it uses the lightning jack of the iPhone 5,iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s – the controller and is therefore not suitable for older iPhones, iPads and iPods. The controller has a format that the Xbox 360 controller reminiscent. Two shoulder buttons left and right, a left high stick, a stick right under four action buttons. It also has a direction key. Then there are three other buttons: right you check the battery status of the controller, the bottom left is adjusted using a switch or controller to charge the iPhone and a back button to reset the controller.

Despite the presence of a reset button, you need to operate the controller. No settings You pull the two sides of the controller apart, slide the iPhone on the lightning connector and press it again. After work each game with controller support it. Game Site TouchArcade presentations no longer handiest the way it works, but in addition check some video games that already provide controller reinforce.

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