You don’t belief your spouse and you desire to to take a look at you continuously, otherwise you merely need to screen your house on your absence?&#one hundred sixty;Thanks four your iPhone / iPod Contact 4G at&#one hundred sixty;FaceTime, and this tutorial, which you could create a surveillance machine for your own home.&#one hundred sixty;Sadly, manipulation is simplest that you can imagine from a Mac.


Download and Requirements:

  • Owning an iPhone or iPod Touch 4 4G, FaceTime and activated in the settings.
  • FaceTime have installed on your Mac (with a new email address) or install it by following this link.

Configuring the Mac:

1. Go to System Preferences on your Mac -> Universal Access and check "Enable access for
assistive devices, as shown in the screenshot below.

Mac universal access

2. Now start " AppleScript Editor (in Applications -> Utilities) and copy the code below or download here :

Facetime script

# # # Begin Code # # #

– FaceTime Auto Answer
– Copyright © 2010 Corndog Computers
– Twitter: @ CornDoggyRob

– Check to see if FaceTime Is Active
tell application "System Events" to set theCount to The Count of (process Whose name is "FaceTime")
= 0 then if theCount
do shell script "sleep 1"
tell application "FaceTime" to activate
do shell script "sleep 2"
tell application "FaceTime" to activate
tell application "System Events" to tell process "FaceTime"
if name of front window contains "with" then
do shell script "sleep 5"
tell application "System Events" to activate
application "FaceTime"
keystroke return
do shell script "sleep 5"
– Check to see if Call Is Active tell application "System Events" to tell process "FaceTime" if name of front window contains "with" then do shell script "sleep 5" else
– Quit FaceTime is Not active call if tell application "FaceTime" to quit do shell script "sleep 5" end if end tell end tell end if end if end repeat end

# # # End Code # # #

3. Then save it to the desktop application format, and call it "FaceTime surveillance."

4. Start "FaceTime" for Mac and assign an email address for personal calls "FaceTime" nobody knows. This is important because with this script enabled, your Mac automatically answers
FaceTime calls.

5. Launch application " FaceTime surveillance "(recorded on the desktop) every time you want your Mac automatically answers your calls" FaceTime. (Ex: you start the application just before leaving home)


You should now be able to monitor your home remotely from anywhere by calling your Mac.

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