Monster Digital Company introduced a new product , aimed at mobile users. Novelty called Sky is a multifunctional personal cloud.

The device is made in the form factor of the gadget the size of a smartphone with USB- connector ” flash drives ” and external hard drives up to 2 TB, and slots for SD and microSD. A connector micro-USB. It is used for a wired connection to the computer and charge the battery. When connecting a PC gadget works as reader .

More interesting functionality associated with the presence of the wireless interface Wi-Fi. With it you can connect to the Sky with iPhone, iPad or Android- devices. Number of concurrent connections is not limited , and performance trends enough to broadcast five streams of 720p or three 1080p. To access files on memory cards and ” flash cards ” you can use a standard browser . Mobile developed a special application . Furthermore , Sky seen in a network environment as a network drive.


Sky can operate in the ” Extension » Wi-Fi, and the presence of the Ethernet port allows you to use the gadget as a wireless access point. Built-in rechargeable 2000 mAh battery provides up to 5 hours battery life . It also allows for charging smartphones and tablets. The suggested retail price for the product is $99 at the official website.

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