Mophie Launches A New Juice Pack H2Pro Case For iPhone 6


One of the improvements that all users would ask for each launch of an iPhone is the ability of the case to be waterproof. Before the arrival of the iPhone 6, several rumors circulated on the web that Apple would make its submersible smartphone, but the phone was released and did not come with this capability.


Another improvement asking the vast majority of people is increased battery life. While it is true that many users have noticed improvement with the arrival of the iPhone 6, and even more in the iPhone 6 Plus, it is also a fact that many users continue to demand more autonomy in their devices.

Failing that Cupertino attend our prayers, Mophie took a step forward and has joined in a housing the possibility of dipping your iPhone and at the same time, give it greater battery life.

The H2PRO Mophie Juice Pack case for iPhone 6 offers a capacity of 100% more, which gives twice as much life to the iPhone 6 alone and also waterproof. With regard to its resistance to water and dust, this case comes with IP68 certification, which gives resistance against dust in any situation and resistance against effects of prolonged immersion under pressure, with the peak of protection in both fields for mobile devices.

H2Pro-press H2Pro-thickness

The Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO case is now available to buy for $129.99. If it a fair price and depends for people working away from home and surrounded by water, it may be a good idea to acquire this case for iPhone 6.


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