Just a few days before Apple event on Monday,  new information about the features of the Apple Watch leaked. These include more details about the battery life and the power saving mode.

Apple Watch: developers call new details about the features
9to5Mac has been able to bring some news about the Apple Watch in experience from his sources. Thus, the battery life should be 5 hours now and even with constant use, under normal use the Apple Watch will hold out longer than a day. Earlier rumors spoke of 2.5 to 4 hours and 19 hours. But even the extended battery life means a shop at the end of the day, because the battery would not survive the next day. A full charge takes 2 hours to complete.

The term was – as reported a few days ago – are extended by an energy-saving mode. This may at any time on the battery brief summary (by Apple in English as “Glance”) of the Apple Watch enabled. The battery status shows the remaining percentages, the elapsed time since the last full charge and a large button for activating said power saving mode. When this mode is enabled, the display dims noticeably, to communicate with the iPhone is reduced to a minimum and the display turns off after 2 seconds without activity.


Developers in Cupertino could use the Apple Watch for testing their apps, but showed differences between the models tested. While some models in Sleep mode, all functions of the clock were still available, this was not the case with others.

To display battery warnings before the Apple Watch does not use modal popup such as iPhone or iPad. Instead, the battery short information is displayed at 20 percent capacity remaining in orange / amber. From 10 percent the indicator turns red, notifications are no longer displayed from that point. The battery life of the connected iPhones should not have deteriorated worth mentioning.
Apple Watch Heart Rate

Apple had already mentioned in the presentation a few months ago, the measurement of the heart rate. Like the Apple Watch this information is, however, pose, was yet unknown. This brief information should resemble the image shown above, according to the latest information. By pressing a button, the clock starts displaying the current heart rate. According to the testers, this should have worked almost immediately and accurately. It is expected that this information can be transferred to the Health App in iPhone.

According to 9to5Mac following Glances at the factory to the Apple Watch preinstalled: heart rate, battery life, health information, activity, time, weather, music, Quick Settings, calendars and maps. The SmartWatch is like iPhone, iPad or Mac have a Benachrichtungszentrale. This is activated with a wiping from top to bottom on the screen – just like in iOS devices.

Internal memory, apps in the Apple Watch

The tested by the developers Apple Watch models should be all been equipped with 8 GB of internal memory. Whether this is also true for the final models that Apple will sell in April, is not certain. About the Companion app on the iPhone, for example, tracks, albums and playlists can be selected for synchronization. The Apple Watch can stream music via Bluetooth to external speakers or headphones.

Also for Companion App 9to5Mac has some more details. The iPhone app is to have a black Interface to configure the Apple Watch. These include the selection of apps that want to install on the SmartWatch, and where the icons of the apps are displayed on the home screen. The latter is also directly on the Apple Watch by pressing and possible – also like the iPhone or iPad.


If one does not have an app longer on the Apple Watch, you can remove it with the help of the Companion App. This happens regardless of the actual app on the iPhone – it can remain installed. Installs the user a new app on the iPhone, which brings a WatchKit component will be installed automatically on the Apple Watch. If iPhone is not connected when removing an app with Apple Watch the app on the clock will continue operating.

To control the Apple Watch Apple offers in addition to the input on the display by Force Touch the digital crown. Touch Force was designated by the testers as “very natural”. To use the Apple Watch how to use the digital crown is indispensable. A long press of the crown activates the voice input.

A keyboard is tested for the SmartWatch vain. The input either via predefined options on the screen or by voice. The latter is referred to by Apple to simply as ‘voice command’, not as Siri. However, the answers to emails is currently not possible with the Apple Watch. For this purpose, the iPhone still has to be removed from the pocket to open there by handoff mail.
Apple Watch Performance, display, sports armband and more

The tester called the Apple Watch as performant. It was only during the installation of more than 200 WatchKit Apps want the clock to lose significantly in performance. Many users will never reach this limit.

The Apple Watch screen was described by a 9to5Mac source for the best SmartWatch display seen so far. The black value is great and you do not realize that the graphics are rendered. The 38-mm variant was described by the same person with the word “tiny”.

The sports bracelet, which comes with the base model of the Apple Watch for $ 349, was used to, as it is at the beginning is difficult to apply due to the pins.

The Apple Watch is on the side next to the crown, mounted button on and off. After long pressing a button will appear on the display as in iOS devices, the clock will switch off after a wipe. The same button can be used to stop hanging Apps: A long press to the menu for switching off, followed by a short ends the current app.

Apple asks developers in secret

Further reports,  reveal Apple has several senior developer teams that were previously invited to Cupertino, asked to make an advertisement for their apps. This includes details about the app, screenshots or other launch plans.

The duration of this embargo varies apparently. In some cases, it will apply to the event next Monday, at other companies should wait until the end of March or early April with their announcements.

A developer who was also in Cupertino, said that Apple has made requests for copies of the source code and the design of the apps. This information will be used for the preparation of the keynote and press materials during the presentation.

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