More Leaked images reveal curved camera on iPhone 7



A few hours ago after new images of models of the iPhone 7 on the web, although it is true that it confirmed the leaked design several months ago, it did not provide new information. What we saw was the back of four models of the iPhone 7, each one of the colors in which is available the iPhone 6s. After seeing the image in this post where we see the model of the iPhone 7 Plus has no mute switch, we would have liked to see the left bezel of the device.

The wait to see the left of the model of iPhone 7 has been swift. The same French media has updated the post he has written this morning by adding two new images. One of the photos that you will see below perfectly complements which we published this morning to see the left side of the iPhone, we can see that both buttons to raise and lower the volume and mute switch are present that we like some users.


In part, the image showing the mentioned switch is interesting because it is not present in the filtered model of the iPhone 7 Plus. While it is true that we are talking about exposure models, we can start thinking that the 5.5-inch model will not have the switch and seem in this sense to the latest models of iPad.


Commenting on the second photo some of the models of the iPhone 7, the only thing I find curious is that the bottom of an iPhone is closer to the camera. It is likely that someone has been holding in that position to display the Touch ID and to show that it is mechanical, like the iPhone 6s and not the rumor that claimed that the Touch ID would be touch and compatible with the 3D Touch. And again, we must remember that we are talking about exposure models. To leave any doubt still we have to wait about two months.

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