More than 10 million subscribers on the new Google social network


Whereas gross sales and earnings of Google rose to 3rd within the 2d quarter, attaining respectively 9 and $ 2.5 billion (6.three and 1.eight billion euros), its new Google+ community Social Google, already has greater than ten million customers, two weeks after its launch. "A couple of billion messages (are) supplied each day," stated Larry Web page, co-founder and CEO of Google.

GooglePlus Google has already attracted nearly 10 million Internet users. This figure, however, has nothing official yet but it results from a comparative study conducted by Paul Allen, founder of It thus provides, according to his estimates on his "flow" Google + that the network will reach 20 million registrants by the end of the current week. When Google finally opens the doors of its social network.

This service allows a more personalized usage of the Web is available in an experimental version that is currently available by invitation of another member.
For the now, Google is + in testing and registration can be done on invitations. Invitations are now very rare: seen the influx of requests, Google is unable to satisfy all users.To access Google +, you must have a friend who has already registered and can invite us. This suggests a successful launch success of Google + on the web. Unlike some of his flops tools ( Google Health, and power meter  for example), this new invention of Google, which allows for better communication and better sharing of information, photos or videos via the "circles" of friends , its chances of competing with Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed a few days ago, at the launch of video on its network that 750 million Internet users were on Facebook.


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