The iPad completely sold out within the U.S. continent . Since early April, numerous overseas lovers of the product and pissed off at no longer with the ability to advantage instantly don’t wait so that you can get it by the use of eBay particularly. Have you ever ever questioned what number of iPad had already been offered at its launch, the well-known public sale website online?
According to TechCrunch, eBay has sold more than 5,300 iPad whose highest prices have been given by buyers from the UAE over a period from mid-March (pre-booking) in mid-April. 65% of these units have been exported worldwide against 35% of these units have been sold yet on the floor of the U.S. (certainly those who did not pre-ordered or did not want to move to a local Apple Store?). 15% of these sales (or 550 units) were exported to Great Britain.

UAE Buyers reportedly spent $537 plus the initial price of the 64GB iPad able to get it quite soon. On the side of Greece, some people do not hesitate to spend $269 extra for being able to get a 16Gb iPad, toward Russia, not less than $ 306 for the 32GB model.[via techcrunch]


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