To advertise its new Droid, Motorola performs Flash card compatibility. "Flash web sites? There’s a cellphone for that." The slogan is a nod to that used for Apple iPhone and App Retailer: "There’s an software for that."
The manner is on the other hand reasonably hazardous Motorala. If the message can be completely understood by way of connoisseurs, what is going to occur to most people who is also much less delicate to such considerations?


In addition, Flash on Android is far from unanimous. We remember the journalist recently about Avram Pitch: "I am the last person on earth who wanted to believe about Steve Jobs when he confided to the Wall Street Journal suggests that" Flash was ancient history "[…] After used Flash Player 10.1 on the new Droid 2, the first phone on Android 2.2. Flash is preinstalled when I'm sad to admit that Steve Jobs was right " 

Even the boss of Motorola had an answer rather reticent about Flash saying "there are true things in what Steve Jobs says" but believed that its development teams have worked with Adobe and have reached a very satisfactory result (read: Controversy on Flash: rise in the defense).
Is this the main strength of this unit? He deserves to be far ahead? One thing is certain: Motorola Apple likes to tease. She had already paid a full page in The New York Times to make fun of problems receiving the iPhone 4 antennagate open (read: Antennagate Motorola cons-attack). Who loves well chastises well … After all, the two companies have long been partners …


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