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Motorola does not want the mobile system from Microsoft, at least not yet. Christy Wyatt , vice president in charge of party software and services from U.S. manufacturer, has closed the door on Windows 7 Phone for a 100% Android. Motorola is the same, she took care to point out, the only phone manufacturer to be trusted to Android.

Why sulk WP7 while Motorola used Windows Mobile?The main reason advanced by Christy Wyatt is the delay of Microsoft. When his company had to choose a system, Windows 7 Phone was not yet ready, and always took further delay so that Android was already operational and beginning to experience some success.

 Rigidity is the second complaint made against the mobile system from Microsoft . 

While Google offers common bricks that each manufacturer to accommodate the sauce, Microsoft followed Apple in imposing a unique experience. Manufacturers must meet a number of criteria on the material (three buttons on the front binding, for example) and they can not change the system. Overlays developed by all manufacturers ( Motoblur at Motorola, or HTC Sense) can be installed on terminals WP7, which did not allow Motorola to be sufficiently distinct from the competition .

But if Wyatt touts a free system, it also evokes one of the biggest flaws of the current Android fragmentation. The Vice-President begins by acknowledging that Motorola has had some difficulty at first to keep up to date models. Between different phones and especially the various operators in the world, the number of different cases to be managed is very important: Motorola is sold in 40 countries, considering an average of two operators per country, it is already 80 different cases by phone … The American manufacturer has improved its management of updates from the manager: they pass by Motoblur now and they would be better managed.[via Macworld]

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