Years in the past Google began a experience on the lookout for making one of the best Android crew for his or her shoppers. Alongside the way in which, the corporate stopped manufacturing a couple of provide that have to go looking Nexus which defines the actual Android . It was once now not unless a yr in the past that Google gave then overlooked his travels and made up our minds to obtain Motorola Mobility, the cellular division of Motorola firm. Google’s intentions are clear, as Apple controls the tool and the hardware yearly, Google desires to do the identical and now Microsoft has additionally joined that workforce with the acquisition of Nokia. The truth is that when you’ve got complete and absolute keep watch over of all this, expertise and purchaser pride is some other.

Moto X

The Moto X is the first phone from Motorola under the care of Google. On August 23, 2013, Moto X was released through different service providers, but unlike other models like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, this was not as anticipated. The intrigue of the Moto X always was to see that Google had reached with Motorola for the occasion. In the Moto X we see that the company does not care to place the faster processor, better screen resolution or the best camera in different lighting conditions, but it chose to offer a computer with a software full of goodness and rich experience functionality.


Moto X Specifications: (XT1058)

Design:  5.09 x 2.57 x 0.41 inches (129.3 x 65.3 x 10.4 mm)

OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

Display: AMOLED – 4.7 inch – 720p – 320ppi

Battery: 13 hours talking – 240 hours stand-by (2200 mAh)

System chip:  Motorola X8 (Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 Pro)

CPU Processor: Dual Core 1700 MHz, Krait

Graphics Processor: Adreno 320

Memory: 2GB RAM

Storage Space: 16GB integrated

Back camera: 10.5 Mega pixels – LED Flash – Auto focus, Touch to focus, Digital zoom, Geo tagging, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR), Panorama – Videos in 1920 × 1080 (1080p HD) (60 fas) –

Front camera: 2.1 mega pixels

Technology GSM  850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz – UMTS  850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz – LTE  700 MHz Class 13, 850 MHz, 1700 MHz, 1900 MHz – DATA  LTE, HSDPA + (4G) 42.2 Mbit / s, HSUPA 5.76 Mbit / s, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS

Hardware & Design

which like it or not, will depend on how the designs are conformist. The Moto X may look a little bored by their white color but yet the variety of options for housings to shop online, would you forget how boring. Maybe I mentioning this weird pulling casings, is that in reality, this team has a way semi curved design that allows most perfect-fitting accessories without losing style grip or affect the team either. If you’re not with AT & T, can not aspire to much in terms of customizing your computer. AT & T has exclusively with Maker Moto service. With this service you can order your Moto X color you want, making the phone completely yours.

One of the most important parts to consider on a 4.7 inch screen, is how it feels in your hand, face and pocket. The Moto X does not feel at all like a team that loads a screen of that size. I take the iPhone 5 aside for almost a month to test the Moto X, and practically it was impossible to feel uncomfortable with the grip of the team or myself writing as had happened with other teams. Despite his humble and modest design, the Moto X has a few things that at first glance, make that love that you usually get him to take her top construction equipment such as the HTC One or the iPhone 5.


Via PhoneArena

On your left side you will not find anything. On the right side, you will find buttons to control volume and on / off the computer. At the top, the Moto X has its entered for headphones, a microphone for video and at the bottom is where is located the microUSB for recharging the integrated battery team. In the back of the computer, find your camera with LED flash round just below the lens.

Motorcycle Maker


Many must have heard about this a few weeks ago. As mentioned above, it is the service offered by AT & T (for now) to customize the physical appearance of the equipment both outside and inside. Users can create their own combinations of colors between green, red, pink, yellow, blue, gray, brown, white, turquoise, and similar colors in different shades.



Motorola (and Google) understand that the resolution of 720p is more than enough for the human eye. They mentioned in his presentation that really appreciate the difference in quality between 720p and 1080p is unusual. That is why Moto X screen size has 4.7 inches with a resolution of 720p. When compared with similar displays (AMOLED) on the market, the Moto X defends very well. Managing the balance between RGB and the number of pixels is very good. It is very easy to see the screen from different angles with the Moto X thanks to the technology of your screen.

Active Display technology is one of Motorola’s Moto X. This I would say that more weight is what has to convince a consumer to try to prove the Moto X and more so if you are a experienced Android user. The Moto X can be for any Android user, new, intermediate or advanced. Again hardly want to use another Android phone if you have Active Notifications.

Functionality of equipment and its super clean interface


Unlike most Android devices on the market, the Moto X has almost nothing within the team that allows any user to associate it with the naked eye Motorola. The experience of Moto X is practically a Nexus. With Nexus I mean that the team offers the experience that Google preaches day after day, month after month, year after year. Samsung, HTC and other manufacturers, put their “Skin” on the phone in order to differentiate their devices from the rest of the competition. This is something that normally greatly influences the purchase decision of a user and that really affects team performance many times.

The Moto X does not have the fastest processor on the market today, no more brutal camera there, but if you have functionality, personality and characteristics that were worked very closely with great care to enhance the consumer experience. Then let’s talk about some of these.

Motorola Connect:

Those who spend time at a computer, they know that there is nothing better than being able to read and reply to text messages on your phone from the comfort of your PC. With Motorola Connect, this is possible in the Moto X. To set it up you just have to go to Settings and turn your computer into the computer and then check your email where you will receive a link to download the Motorola Connect extension for Google Chrome. There you can answer calls, read, write or answer text messages too.

Motorola Assist:

How long does your team lose your setting daily every time you enter a meeting or mountains you in your vehicle? Over that time you can lose, is rather often that we forget the silent ring set for that meeting, or turn on the Bluetooth on your computer to connect to our vehicle and play music. Motorola Assist does all this without you tell him what to do or when you do. Function also can adjust parts of the computer when you go to sleep.

With only arrive when the meeting you had in your Google calendar, Moto X is placed in mode “Meeting” and avoid to be interrupted and your colleagues during the meeting in which you are. In the case of lead, it detects when you’re in the car after spending the 30mph, activating the driver profile which plays the music where you left off, you read text messages and calls loudly sings. All this is possible in your vehicle through X8 coprocessor that is on and attentive at all times talking to processor machine with a minimal sacrifice in battery.


Touchless Control:

Following the theme of co-processor, Google Now in the Moto X is like the “Google Now on steroids.” Thanks to the co-processor, this allows the Moto X this attentive to your voice at all times to be woken up with a sentence that says “Ok Google Now”. Say this phrase at some distance the team, makes the same display screen open in common to allow Google Now run your voice commands. First of all, you need to train the phone to recognize your voice and this just what you should do in a serene and quiet without much noise around. I recommend you lock yourself in your room or in the car with the windows up and the air off.



“Ok Google Now” will allow you to initiate calls, taking notes, checking time, receive navigation instructions addresses, and other features that are already present in Google Now. This is something you really using fever initially, but over the days, I weighed talk on the phone. I say that nobody wants to talk to their phones unless you do not answer back (Siri for example).

Google Drive, text messages and other native apps

As it did Samsung with Dropbox, Google now does with the Moto X. Users who purchase a Moto X may claim 50GB of storage for 3 years in your Google Drive. This is good because the team does not have SD card expansion.

Text messages and other areas of the operating system, keyboard Stock feature of Google. This is the most reliable Android keyboard (in my experience) scores, corrections and dictionary management is highly accurate. As mentioned at the outset, the experience here is almost a Nexus at all.

Gmail and Chrome come by default in the installed equipment. Both applications are created by Google and are available at the moment you turn on the computer. I mention because I do not remember any other team (including Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc.) and excluding the Nexus, which brought Google’s browser instead of its own solution.

The Chamber and its interface

All companies are revealing their own software and hardware solutions advanced for their cameras on computers. We saw the Ultrapixeles HTC, Apple also in the 5s remained the same camera with a larger pixel. Motorola not far behind, presenting RGBC technology (where “C” refers to Clear) pick say 75% more light than ordinary sensor.

But here we go, the biggest weakness of this team is the camera. You may not have to do anything with Flash or the lens, but the software that Motorola chose to settle in this team, pay the price with the criticism. Getting a good photo shoot with Moto X, is to make one of those science fair projects. Is that eliminating the program options camera to simplify this, hurts the end user experience.


The way you capture a photo with the Moto X is touching anywhere on the screen. If slide upwards or downwards respectively approach or move away the chamber. However, Motorola included a button called Tap to focus, whose mission focus before shooting the picture, which does not work either in most cases.

HDR, videos in slow motion, flash and location are some of the buttons that are present in the camera software. As for video, these acceptably recorded sound via suitable.

Video in slow motion

The only good thing I could get from Moto X camera was the role of “Quick Capture”. Motorola understands that it is always good to have the camera on hand for the fastest way possible to not lose any time. I have to admit that they are right, I agreed with his thinking on many occasions when I was taking the phone out of my pocket and activating the Quick Capture. This function is activated by rotating the wrist to either side quickly.

Despite these obstacles, Motorola seems to have realized their mistake and the most recent update (as leaked images) seem to have corrected many of the catastrophes mentioned here with the Moto X. Hopefully Android 4.3 for Moto X of our company … (Sit in a good cushion).

If you have the Moto X, I recommend you try Focal (BETA) to try to solve your problems with the  camera

Processor, Memory and  Battery

We said, Moto X is not the team you want to step into the ring for 12 rounds with the competition out there. The Moto X is rather all based on performance and functionality. But if we go to the numbers, we see that this almost doubles the Nexus 4, but this is something behind the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, who are the toughest phone in the Android market during 2013.

Sure, the Moto X have things that others do not have. Its intelligent co-processor is powered at all times makes you save time by making a series of tasks without possibly take you a little more or demand more power. The rate is acceptable, the RAM too. Both specifications are defining good software that does not need at all a Hardware exorbitant. Therefore I can say good job for Google and Motorola.


About the battery, I can say that I lasted a full day without any problems. I have to admit I did not use social media the same number of times with my iPhone. I am still receptive to Android by the gigantic problem of poor applications that exist for the categories of more use. Still, between texts, calls, emails, calendars and other everyday things, Moto X drive me a full day perfectly and sometimes forgot morning load and had energy to continue for a while more.


The Moto X is not for everyone …. What? Nah!. The Moto X, if for anyone. No matter what level of knowledge you have, no matter if you’re an advanced Android user or you are just a person who cares about playing Candy Crush and go to Facebook. The Moto X is rich in functionality and being of “Google”, we expect to have a future with updates and such. If Motorola fails to correct their faults in the next update, the Moto X is the team that should consider Android as first choice in the sun today.

If you have the Moto X, I recommend purchasing the brand covers YESOO. They’re very good, economical with different colors to choose from and do not affect at all the design team.

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The Moto X is on hand in nearly all corporations with force $ 199.ninety nine on a 2-yr contracts.

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