Motorola has begun preparations to migrate users from iPhone to its own smartphones . The company wants to make this process easier : move user data with Apple gadget on Android- phones.

Motorola introduced the updated application Migrate, designed to facilitate the transition of users on phones running Android, with the support service iCloud. Tool available in the online store Google Play, transfer contacts and calendar information stored in the cloud storage Apple, such communicators Motorola, as Moto X, Moto G, Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra and Droid Mini.

In addition, using the Migrate can transfer content from any smartphone running Android 2.2 and above : history of text messages , photos, videos, contacts and call history on SIM-card. To migrate to the iPhone must be set to the above Migrate Communicator Motorola, and if we are talking about transferring data from your old Android- phone, then you need to deploy the application on it.

Motorola is not the only one who wants such a strange way to entice owners of iPhone. Last year, HTC announced the application for smartphones Sync Manager, which is an analogue Xperia Transfer. Users can check out photos, videos , calendar events , text messages and other data stored in iTunes from iPhone backup so that all savings “apple” phone without problems moved into One. A similar program has and Samsung.

It is doubtful that such developments will help competitors to win over the owners of iPhone. Especially because , according to all the polls , the most loyal Apple customers brand.

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