Motorola removes all Android products in Germany



Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility,  after a ruling over patents has now pulled off all its tablets and smartphones in Germany from the market. The reason might be that Apple earlier this year had a legal case against the manufacturer and won. It is certainly a huge blow to Google as the giant search this year paid $12.5 billion for the acquisition, more than 17,000 technology patents in hands. During the second quarter of this year it was already clear that things are not going well with the subsidiary, it reported a loss of as much as $223 million.

According to Motorola, the problems are much smaller than currently suggested by the press, so the company would want to sell less mobile devices, and the cheaper tablets and smartphones therefore currently taken off the market in Europe and Germany. However, this is not the whole truth. Last month, Apple won a patent case namely in Germany that would enable all Motorola phones with Android could be banned in the country. The company would therefore first have to make software changes before the tablets and smartphones may be sold again.



The iPhone 5 launch is the legal battle in recent weeks some more media remained, but Google made last month even though a surprising decision. The company decided namely the complaint against Apple with the ITC . Furthermore, the company also controlled by the U.S. government, because they were afraid that the patents of Motorola could be exploited in the fight against Apple and other manufacturers.


That it is currently not well with Motorola is at least clear. In August of this year, Google has fired 4,000 Motorola employees, almost one fifth of all employees, and good for a severance payment of $ 300 million. But the reorganization by Google is not finished, because the company invested another $ 40 million to various facilities to close and to products from unprofitable markets to pick.

Google statement:

Motorola has persisted to refine its deliberate restructuring moves and now expects to expand these movements to incorporate extra geographic areas outdoor of the U.S.

Up to now month have tried to run the industry with a variety of new Android smartphones, together with the Droid Razr HD, Droid Razr Maxx HD and the Droid Razr M. The Droid Razr HD is the brand new toptoestel with a 1.5 GHz twin-core processor and 1GB of RAM, an enormous four.7-inch Tremendous AMOLED HD reveal and an eight-megapixel digicam. Except now it appears the cellphone in The usa no nice success.

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