Excellent information for all of the "Moto-Addicts," we realized prior within the week that Motorola would unlock the bootloaders of all its Android phones. Which simply means it will soon be much easier to install "custom Roma" on them. And that, inevitably, a lot of people had been waiting a long time. Yes but now, contrary to what one might expect, all is not completely rosy, and you'll quickly understand why.


So already, you should know that only the next mobile brand will benefit from a bootloaderunlocked. Finally, it is not entirely accurate, it is possible that some of its smartphones today enjoy the same fate. Who? We do not know yet, unfortunately, and it will anyway wait for the establishment of this new strategy to learn more about the subject. Also be noted that these new bootloaders are expected for the third or fourth quarter of 2011 so it could happen fairly quickly.

Second, and perhaps the worst news in history, we also know that operators are have their say. Basically, it simply means that if others decide voluntarily curb their mobile, while Motorola will have no choice but to bow to their demands. Finally, the mobile phones that will really benefit from these new bootloaders, it will be those purchased without a subscription.  

Remember to finish that all security systems in place by manufacturers working in the market for mobile telephony, only that Motorola has remained inviolate. This is obviously a very good performance in principle, but many users have just hijacked the brand because of it. In this context, we understand why the firm decided to change his tune: the market of mobile telephony is highly competitive, one might even say she had little choice.

Oh and finally, I want to say that I'm not an expert on rooting. If some of you have something to add, they really must not hesitate because the comments are here for.


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