MovieBox alternative, Bobby Moviebox reaches the App Store



Applications like MovieBox or PlayBox HD have always been popular ever that have appeared in the App Store, to the point of continuing looking for them when they are not in the store of Apple applications to install them unofficially either with jailbreak or via any website that makes available to companies using a certificate. They are popular because they offer free movies directly from the application, which leaves no one indifferent. The new today is that there is an application offering free streaming of movies called Bobby Movie Box.

The problem with these applications is exactly what users does not seem so bad: offers free content that is usually paid by other services, among which is also iTunes. Obviously, Apple does not seem too well that an application offers free just like them we can sell and is also easy to think that this application violates the rules of the App Store, so it’s natural that eliminated in the coming hours . At the time of writing, Bobby Movie Box is available for download on iPhone and iPad.

In Bobby MovieBox, there are few old movies, but there are also movies from 2015, although it is not dominant. The application is free, but we will have a banner advertising all the time while we look for any movie. When playing any of the videos, we will see an ad for a way similar to YouTube, but I think in this case deserves much more worthwhile. You can download Bobby MovieBox from the addon below these lines.

Download Bobby Movie Box for iPhone and iPad from the App Store

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