Mozilla Firefox 8 available for Download


At a time now not see you later in the past, it’s common to have to attend a few months sooner than they may be able to experience the brand new model of an online browser. Now, the wait has been significantly decreased, and updates some browsers observe one some other at breakneck velocity. That is the case of Google Chrome and FirefoxYep, and talking of it, be aware of that Firefox eight is to be had!

Great, of course, but it seems that this new version does not bring anything new. 
The team in charge of developing the browser has thus concentrated 
on bug fixes and the introduction of new security procedures relating to such extensions developed by third parties. If you are just one of the developers or you simply want to keep you informed of these new measures, know that you  can find all the information on their website.

No big news, then. Note that Firefox 10 more will fill our expectations (well so to speak) since this version will be the first to integrate the updates transparent . Exactly like what Google Chrome offers for quite some time. That's the story. And if you want to take the plunge, 8 Firefox can be downloaded  below

Download Mozilla Firefox 8 for Windows, Mac , Linux

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