Mozilla has developed Junior a browser for Apple's iPad, will make with the Mozilla lot better than Apple iPad with his version of Safari. Mozilla's browser uses WebKit as a junior rendering engine, because it is still true: A complete, including browser rendering engine can not be implemented due to limitations of Apple. The only way to build a browser, is to make use of IOS provided UIWebView component and provi
de it with its own user interface.

And that's what Mozilla has done and thought about it made look like a browser for Apple's Tablet must want to take advantage of its users rather than Apple's preinstalled browser. 
This Mozilla has started at zero, so that the browser looks a little different than you might expect.

Safari is indeed the best browser for the iPad, but still offer a lousy user experience, criticized Alex Limi, product designer at Mozilla. Apple has taken over the desktop version, while the UI simply omitted.

Looking at a website with Junior, you can see from the browser virtually anything: The site occupies the entire screen, so that it looks very like a magazine.

It will be blinded only two buttons on the site, which sit on the left and right edges of the display in the middle, so that they are with the thumb easily accessible: a left arrow for the Back function on the left side and a plus symbol on Right. The latter can be displayed on other websites or new ones are called.The two buttons can be pushed out, and then also award additional functions.Links there is also a reload button and a button-front, right, and print a bookmark button. These functions will cover most of Mozilla, what users do in the browser.

The tabs can be scrolled sideways, so that can be used in junior more than four tabs. A Tabverwaltung should therefore be superfluous, because the browser will not feel like work.

Also a logout button was not the browser. However, the change of user is easy, but at junior shows each user his own selection of web sites and open tabs: Here follows the Mozilla control concept of the IOS startup screen: On the far left in the series of startup screens hiding a login page. When IOS startup screen you get to that search.




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