Mozilla opens Android store for webapps



Mozilla Firefox Marketplace has opened a store for Android, where users can download web apps for use within the mobile version of the Firefox browser. There is still an early version, which is particularly designed to test the concept.

According to the browser maker to developers and interested the app, which the Aurora label has received, downloaded from the Mozilla site and then immediately start downloading apps. These are then rotated using the Mozilla browser for Android has been developed, which include the full screen turning that webapps possible. Because the apps are launched via the browser, the download store similar to the Chrome Web Store that Google has developed its own browser.

Mozilla claims that the current version of the app is intended primarily for developers and early adopters .So does the browser maker generate feedback to improve the download store and developers can test their apps. Mozilla promises in the future to add support for payments, as well as the ability to upload app reviews.

Meanwhile there is already a number of apps in Firefox Marketplace, including a Twitter app. In order to encourage developers to write software for mobile Firefox browser, Mozilla has some tutorials online. It is likely that the Marketplace later is made suitable for Firefox OS. Incidentally, the download store already on the desktop accessible , however it’s not but that you can imagine to obtain apps.

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