Mozilla needs to hasten the autumn of model three.5 of Firefox, forcing customers to improve to Firefox three.6 thru auto-replace.
It's nearly a combat plan has dependent Mozilla to make searching Firefox three.5 . Stamped three.5.19, the newest model of this department was once delivered in late April 2011 and Fx three.5 has now reached its finish of lifestyles. Particularly on the grounds that Mozilla has accelerated its liberate cycle, and it isn’t excellent that scatter many variations of the browser for which upkeep turns into a puzzle.


According to Mozilla, Firefox 3.5 still has about 12 million users . Some users are not sufficiently receptive to the arrival of Firefox 4, in addition to navigating with software whose security is ensured.
It is not said that the refusal is deliberate. Including by reason of old Linux distribution or Mac PowerPC architecture, the adoption of Fx 4 is simply not possible. Remains as those who do not like the new UI Fx 4.

Mozilla has attempted to synthesize all possible problems, and is intended to update almost forced Fx Fx 3.5 to not 4, but Fx 3.6, which will take place June 21 . Date should also theoretically leave Firefox 5. This is one of the first times where Mozilla will require an update, at least for those who have enabled automatic search update (therefore, the user validation will not be required).
Meanwhile, "bullying" will rise and crescendo some measures are already implemented.


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