When Apple introduced its streaming music service at WWDC last, soon we realized it was going to be the next great product company based in Cupertino. They spent much of the presentation Keynote, with permission from Apple Watch, and she explained that we would be three services in one: Radio 24/7 global service, revolutionary music and a way to connect with fans the artists. To be a revolutionary music service is needed to convince the artists and other means that the service is worth it.



In the “mess” with Taylor Swift, considering that it was all a marketing strategy, we have an example that Apple wants to promote trumpeted its music service streaming and the agreement announced yesterday afternoon will help them the world may know further Beats one, if someone is not aware of its existence.

Apparently, the radius of Cupertino has been a major exclusive and announced in the official account @Beats1 radio 24/7. As you can see from the above tweet, Beats one who will exclusively reveal the nominees for the awards for best music videos from MTV. It will be today July 21 at 10 am, Eastern Time.

This is not the first exclusive Beats getting one as it has been the first radio broadcast last song Pharrell, issuing shortly after Eminem’s latest work.


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