Multitasking confirmed for windows 7 Phone Series


The file under were scanned and posted on  XDA-Builders discussion board . The primary large trade is most definitely a sword double-edged sword: Microsoft resets its construction platform for cellphones. Consistency seems because the intention, and plenty of builders may investigate the motion. However now not individuals are sure: the legacy functions will possibly now not appropriate.


Why? As a result of Microsoft will spotlight the Home windows Telephone Software Platform on the way to propel itself on the entrance of the stage two parts: Silverlight and XNA.

 It's actu
ally a whole construction surroundings for developing wealthy purposes, and XAML description language reigns supreme. The 2nd is the online game world: a title developed for the XNA platform can run on Home windows XP, Vista, Home windows 7 and the Xbox 360, with moderately few adjustments for each and every of the 4 structures.

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