Musclenerd Banned from Google Social Network [Google +]


Musclenerd, probably the most riding forces in the back of the iPhone Dev Staff, has been banned from Google's new social networkThe reason: he did not use his real name but a pseudonym. Google is currently busy with enforcing only the use of real names on Google +. Users with a nickname to change as quickly as possible.

GooglePlus-s Muscle nerd on Twitter said that he had never entered his real name online. The pen where he was registered to Google + is the only name he uses online. According to Google's policy is not permitted on the social network, which resulted in the banishment of his profile. The department told him that it would be better if he would re-register under his real name, because it's easier for others to find him there. Before his suspension had muscle nerd 3000 + followers on Google.


Follow us on twitter, founder of the Cydia store, it does not agree:

I think the current situation personally … ridiculous. Google's attempts to find a name which they enforce does not work with different cultures, let alone the Internet filled with pseudonyms.

Saurik cites several examples, all of which you can read back on – ironically - Google + .

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