The PS3 had been very cussed in regards to the more than a few hacking makes an attempt. Regardless of the prowess of GeoHot, nobody had managed to function video games from pirate copies, making the PS3 the console steady the market. A couple of weeks in the past, a chip embedded in a easy USB key made its look, and allowed to repeat and play pirated video games on the console Sony.


The key was called PS jailbreak and cost a whopping $ 170. Sony has made its marketing perilous calling seizure of stocks of retailers and a ban on sales.However, the creator of this key have decided to make open source the code behind the prowess of the PS jailbreak. This code is called PS Groove.

The PSGroove Team has adapted the code for it to work on smartphones and thus no longer dependent on a dongle / PSJailbreak. After carrying on Nokia N900, then the Palm Pre … MuscleNerd announces the porting of the software on iPhone and iPod Touch.As you can see the video knew, the iPhone is communicating with the console since it displays the names of colors that appear on the phone. It is not yet, but it is a good start!

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