MuscleNerd shows jailbreak on iPhone OS 4.0


In a brand new YouTube video presentations @ MuscleNerd the iPhone Dev Group that the staff has a working jailbreak for iPhone OS The most recent revision of the iPhone OS used to be introduced the day past and instantly made to be had to builders. It most definitely goes to the userland-jailbreak named Spirit by using @ COMEX developed. But it appears the jailbreak firmware on every iPhone, iPod contact and it’s going to work iPad.

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Yet you probably still have to wait before you yourself will be able to jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0. Besides the fact that you are a developer license from Apple for iPhone OS 4.0 will need to install now, it does not sound like MuscleNerd plans to the cat and mouse game with Apple ook even during the beta-stage to play. If indeed the short term Geohot a jailbreak for the iPad available, then it is likely that the Spirit jailbreak will be preserved until the next version of the iPhone. Since the iPhone Dev Team also has a vulnerability in the latest baseband (modem firmware version), a new iPhone from day one to ever jailbreak and unlock can be.

"Find something you'll only 4.0 on JB: VNC (VAT do not bother with betas, they're * very * buggy!)"



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