Music + adds queue, lyrics and music to iPhone


Some functions don’t specifically good to look if their performance however works. The appliance already launched Tune + enhances the default song on the iPhone relatively a number of factors, however don’t swim within the choices. The free app provides a easy method a queue perform to the tune, shows lyrics of songs with the contact of a button and allows you to share what you hear on social networks and

MusicPlus-iPhone-AppYou do the statements of famous artists, songs or playlists to the right song but a swipe, and a number for. That is his position in the queue of music. That you make on the spot. It does not replace the playlist function itself, but ideal for single use when you sing certain songs in a row will bring. If you selected a song to the left swipet, he again removed from the queue. In the leftmost tab Queue, you can customize the order of songs and delete songs.

Another function of the loading of Music + lyrics in songs. Who come from a wiki created by users. This means that not all the lyrics that show and unintelligible pieces of a song marked with question marks, but it is very easy to follow the text just by scrolling through the spacious text. If you turned on the lyrics, the image also does not matter and the text is on screen.


If you use the songs logdienst- you can rub your hands for Music +. Among the institutions of the application allows the app to connect to your account, after which he listened to the songs automatically log on the network. There is more support for social networks.You can Facebook and Twitter Account to show what you hear. For this course you must first login. How useful is that you can customize the default message. By default, there I am listening to [song] by [artist] , but you can easily own variant of Dutch making. If you do not like, you can still do each song individually.

Music + is not unique in its features, but combines the properties or in a convenient and free application. Moreover, the icon of the application a blue variant of the standard music orange button on the standard music player. Thus it fits fine in the homescreen. It confirms that the application feels like he belongs on the iPhone.

 Download Misic + iPhone Apps for free [itunes link]

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