Apple-Watch-Jailbreak-Watch-OS-3Apple Watch and everything that has to do with it have crept into our covers in and out. The truth is that the gadget is fashionable, and Cupertino does not hesitate for a moment to place it in the foreground. However, beyond what Cupertino imagine with your watch, users would also want to take advantage with customizations and functionality that currently are either prohibited or capadas by the grace of the apple. We refer of course to the tweaks that most consumers would like to take advantage of them in your SmartWatch.

So far, you can not do jailbreak your Apple Watch, but many developers who are already actively working on this, and probably will not be long before we see this functionality become a reality. Meanwhile, we have to dream, and when dreaming we plan to do with that list of tweaks most desirable as the possibility of installing them is available on the SmartWatch.

Custom Cases
Standard we have a few, but in regard to the personalization of gadgets, anything is little. So between the claims of the fans, one of those tweaks that more chances of winning would be precisely what allows us to enlarge Did you’d point you to it?

Native Apps
Although there are some designed for Apple Watch apps, others simply use the iPhone as the main protagonist. That means less speed, reduced performance and increased battery consumption. If there is a tweak that would facilitate things, sure most users would be happier.

Modify the display time
The times of the screen will automatically, and when the battery performance is not optimal we find some problems that may hinder the interaction with Apple Watch. And as it seems that this will be one of the things that will not change with Apple, a tweak would be best suited to it all.

Custom Themes
Custom themes and work seamlessly with the iPhone, and in the case of Apple Watch they would not be an exception in the world of tweaks.

Run Activator actions from Apple Watch
Automate everything can be really fun, but above all, from the wrist with Apple Watch, can become very, very functional.

Save battery
Tweaks to optimize the possibilities of Apple Watch would be very welcome, especially if they increase the autonomy that many users are already complaining.

Customizing Taptic Engine feedback

Touch touches to different intensities allowed to do many things. But perhaps not as many as we would like. So if we could jailbreak it would certainly be one of the first options to order in tweaks.

Customize complications
Those little items that give you more information and we see on the screen of Apple Watch would make much more sense if you could customize to your own taste.

Surfing the web
Although Safari is everywhere, it is not in the Apple Watch. Perhaps the reasoning of a miniature screen and adaptation are not strong enough, but some do want to sail from the watch.

Play audio directly
It would be another of those features that many would be yes or yes on your watch. And the truth is that a yes that would tweak his wrists.

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