Mysterious legit GameStore is launched within the Apple App Retailer


GameStore, a slightly peculiar authentic app from Apple within the App Retailer seemed. The precise price of the app isn’t fairly clear: in a brief product listing displayed completely different applications, which you can buy from the app. To pay you wish to log in together with your Apple ID. Given the sparse structure, technical phrases and the misspelling in the primary class, it appears to be a check software from Apple that by accident ended up on the App Retailer. This might exhibit that Apple is at the moment coping with. We sold the app, to look precisely what you are able to do with it.

 The App Store description are few clues to where the app is for. The description only mentions:

This application Allows you to buy different things from within the app.

Exactly what Apple is trying to test the app remains to be seen. Making in-app purchases is indeed possible in a while. The app takes advantage of the in-app purchases is strange, because you can purchase the same product multiple times. While testing the app was not clear to us what we could do with a purchase. The focus on games is interesting, given Apple Game Center earlier this app category gave extra attention.

The date added in iTunes on the desktop
to read is December 31, 2011 , but who in the mobile version of the App Store looks see June 9, 2009 as publication date are. The date of June 9, 2009 is just one day after Apple's WWDC keynote, where the in-app purchasing system iOS 3 was explained. This suggests that the app is something to do. Presumably the app already released on June 9, 2009, was considered an internal error in the Apple App Store arrived.Information from the Web apps hopper can be seen that the app has not previously been available in the App Store until December 31, 2011 was published.

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