The Cydia jailbreak app MyWi bought an replace, making it ready to absolutely reinforce iOS 5. There are a selection of enhancements made ​​within the app: it's now sooner, crashes much less steadily and makes it sooner all the way through the interet tethering.


Many apps in the Cydia Store and the App Store has iOS 5 after an update was released to return to work without problems. The iOS MyWi update had long to wait. The developer has the app code completely re-written to ensure that it runs  as well as possible on the latest IOS version. A complete list of all changes are listed below:

  • Total rewrite app for iOS 5.x.
  • Faster initialization / broadcast of a hotspot.
  • Higher connection speeds.
  • WEP encryption security, and not be again for iOS 5.X.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • New Wi-Fi sharing feature.
  • MyWi On Demand is now using Bluetooth tethering to the Wi-Fi hotspot to activate it.

By MyWi on your jailbroken iPhone you can turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot.This could connect a laptop via your iPhone mobile data connection on the internet. The iPhone can do this without being jailbroken too, provided you have a specific version of IOS installed, but then your provider does have the function activated. There often, a monthly fee is needed to be paid, although some reasders reported that the app was already compatible with the iOS 5.[via Redmond Pie]

MyWi for $ 19.99 to download in the repository ModMyi


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