MyWi application developers have announced the release of an update. The program has received the support of iOS 8, Smartphones iPhone 6 (Plus) and improvements in stability and performance.

Renewed application was completely rewritten to be compatible with the latest mobile platform Apple. In addition, the program will create an access point and Internet broadcasts, providing reliable WEP-encryption.

Official list of changes in MyWi 8 Beta is as follows:

  • Completely rewritten code for iOS users 8.
  • Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Fast initialization and data broadcasting.
  • Increased speed of the connection.
  • Known bugs: connection is not working Bluetooth / OnDemand.
  • Known bugs: connection is not working Instant Hotspot.
  • Known bugs: no icons in the status bar (you have to wait for an update for iOS lib status 8).

If you are thinking about buying iPad Air 2 or 3 iPad mini and decide which model to choose – Wi-Fi, or LTE, then this Tweaks for iPhone, this issue will disappear by itself. The program provides 40 and 104-bit WEP-encrypted Wi-Fi network and allows any device to connect to the Internet with the iPhone for a few seconds.

MyWi much functionality of a conventional modem mode in iOS. The utility allows you to configure the channels Wi-Fi, keeps records of received / sent megabytes, battery usage statistics, shows the details for each connected device. In addition to this, the application allows you to manage settings DHCP.

MyWi can download from Cydia for $ 20. Developer premium utility provides the ability to “break in” the application within three days prior to purchase. It used to connect a Mac or Windows-based PCs to the Internet via iPhone (“tethering”) with MyWi could via USB-connection or a network of Wi-Fi. Starting with version 4.12, MyWi allows mobile Internet on the iPhone and via bluetooth.

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