In case you nonetheless suppose your telephone firm can’t see when you secretly the use of tethering via this system MyWi.

The Personal Hotspot or through tethering than hereby confirm that telecom providers can see exactly what you want the 3G data is that they are providing.

iPhone users with a jailbreak make much use of the application MyWi that you love your iPhone a WiFi hotspot and can tether via Bluetooth. Similar to the Personal Hotspot feature now standard in the iPhone's 4. MyWi users in the United States today has given the following text message from



Did you know tethering your smartphone to a PC Requires a tethering plan? Pls call 888-860-6789 for details or visit / data plans.

Subsequently received illegal tethering users on the AT&T network e-mail from the provider stating that according to the AT & T data was used the tethering feature and if you take a tethering plan will close for only $45 a month. If you do not want you to ask them not to use the tethering feature. So be warned that telecommunications providers can see exactly where their 3G data goes.[via modmyi]

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