Netflix launches FAST apps for iOS and Android



With the Netflix Speed Test “” find out very straightforward, how fast your Internet and whether sufficient for high-definition content. Additionally, at the streaming giant Netflix also an official test video in which appears live which streaming bandwidth reaches you. Who wants to test mobile its surfing speed, which can now also with the fast apps for Android and iPhone. To play it safe, you can also try Speedtest. There you will receive your next download and upload rates also useful tips on how you can optimize your network.

FAST Speed Test could not be simpler: you just have to open the application to speed test to start automatically. Then, if not stop us to convince the result, we are able both to repeat as compared with page.

The idea of the application of FAST is to offer users a test reliable speed to determine if your connection is suitable for viewing streaming videos through this platform, as the test is done downloading content directly from servers Netflix.

In addition to the Android app, FAST Speed Test has also come to the App Store, and has long is available as a web version from the page These three versions share the same simplicity in the results (only show the download speed), and depending on the platform that is because it is a test of speed-oriented all users, not network engineers or professionals sector.

netflix-fast-app If you test the application, Tell us in the comments if you speed showing is similar to that so far you came offering Internet speed tests of other pages. And if what you want is to know if your download speed is sufficient to use Netflix, here we cleared all your doubts.

On the other hand, if you want to check if the speed Speed Test shows you FAST it is reliable, a tool that also recently has been updated to HTML5 format. If you’re browsing from mobile, take a look at their official application.

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