Netflix Offline

Netflix Offline

Although it is true, Netflix CEO wanted to deny for quite some time the possibility of offline content reaching the famous application of Content on demand. However, it has had no choice but to adapt to the new times, definitely and counting with the approval of the users, the downloadable content has reached Netflix definitively. Although it does not seem gold all that glitters, it is certainly a good start, you can enjoy Netflix content on your iPhone or tablet, whether or not you have a connection, go wherever you go.

For now we can only download content on iOS and Android, the update of the application is now available on the iOS App Store and in the notes itself tells us that we can download the content. In addition, just a few hours ago, the Netflix account in Spain echoed the novelty: “You asked for it and finally we bring you a new way of seeing us”, so they have communicated with a video of Frank Underwood (House of Cards) accompanied To Tweet.

Now touch the bad news, not all titles are available for download, as with Movistar +. The emission rights are to blame, however, the original content, and more attractive, if it will be possible to download to view it offline in our device. For more information, we can select the quality of visiting the content, according to the subscription plan we have contracted. Here are some examples of the series that we can download: Orange is the New Black; Narcos, The Crown, House of Cards.

But like everything on Netflix, they will expand the catalog soon. To download it we will only have to press a new download button that has been added right next to the Play button in the corresponding application. When selecting the quality, we remind you that the more resolution, the greater the danger for 16GB devices.

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