For many, it would cost to go without Netflix, the amount of content that we provide as well as its perfect integration with all our devices, from Samsung TV to our iPad with iOS, has turned this provider of audiovisual content streaming in the most popular.

Effective immediately, the prices rise up to 20% in their rates, something that could reach Spain shortly. In fact, 20% is a pretty aggressive rise compared to the company’s tradition.

  • Netflix Basic: $8 per month → $9 per month
  • Netflix Standard (HD): $11 per month → $13 per month
  • Netflix Premium (4K): $14 per month → $16 per month

To begin, let’s confirm that this rise has not been announced yet in other countries, but to give an example the basic rate will increase from $8 to $9, while the most expensive, which allows us to access content in 4K will increase from $12.99 to $15.99 nothing more and nothing less.

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