Network performance of the iPhone 4S: U.S. carriers to the test


In all probability you want to set up in the US within the coming months. On this case, check out this learn about Metrico. Revealed by means of ComputerWorld , she was used to measure the performance of the iPhone 4S in three major U.S. operators. At first glance, it's AT & T is doing the best, all combined criteria compared with Verizon and Sprint.


The newcomer in the list of operators offering the iPhone 4S, Sprint is offering the best quality of voice during calls, but Sprint is 5 times slower in Internet surfing and downloading AT&T, according study Metrico Wireless Company to measure mobile performance.

To perform these tests, Metrico launched 21,000 Web pages  with the iPhone and the iPhone 4S 4 in all three operators. 8000 downloads have been made ​​and 600 voice communications have been established. 5 U.S. cities were chosen for these tests, but were kept secret.


Metrico did not declare a winner or loser, but in any event, under the study AT & T is widely before autres.Verizon is second and third Sprint. 4 years ago, when the first iPhone was launched, AT & T had been criticized for the performance of its network and would probably not have been so well placed.

Note that for these tests, the results were better Verizon AT & T regarding the telephone connection and maintained over time (without cuts). Verizon has 2.1% of failure to appeal against 2.8% AT & T and Sprint 3.7.  In communication, AT & T is the best in sound quality and the best in Sprint transmission of your voice. To carry out this part of the test , Metrico used an algorithm called "Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis", which gives scores of 1 to 5.


AT & T is simply 2 times faster than Verizon for foraging on the net with the iPhone 4S with a loading page in 1.29 seconds , against 2.60 seconds for Verizon. Sprint is simply lagging behind with a load of 6.44 seconds per page, according to Amit Malhotra, vice president of marketing at Metrico. Note that Sprint does not sell the iP
hone 4S since October 2011.

Question download, AT & T offers a rate of 3.210 kbps, against 1.071 for Verizon and Sprint for 581 kbps (1 / 5 the speed of AT & T!). The maximum speed point was reached by a 4S iPhone at AT & T with a peak at 6.047 Kbps. Nevertheless, despite these contrasting results in terms of speed, Metrico noted "excellent" the three operators in terms of reliability of total download an item from the Internet. Anyway, the iPhone 4S running AT & T's was much better than Sprint and Verizon in terms of download (all criteria combined).

If you need a long stay in the United States, so you know which operator you now to turn!


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