The new 12-inch Retina MacBook is not tobe available until 10 April. In the Far East, these rules but not always apply as the unboxing video and various photographs of the recently introduced MacBook show.

The Vietnamese side (Google translation, via MacRumors), which already was always able to get Apple devices before the start of sales in the fingers in the past, has published several photos and a video unboxing of the new MacBook.

New details are not given in the report, but gives a better impression of the dimensions of the flounder. Here the video (in Vietnamese):

As you can see the video and photos, it is not a final model, as no boat was possible:

The full gallery you can find at

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12-inch Retina Macbook also use technology Force on Touchpad Touch, which allows to distinguish between a flick or strong light from the hands of users. Processor Intel Core of machines M, reaching speeds from 1.1 GHz to 1.2 GHz. Besides, this is the first model of the Apple Macbook fanless heatsink.

This product line is the first Apple computer equipped with a USB connector form C-Type Side. USB port is plugged reversed form, so users can plug in any way also.

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