New 2018 iPad Pro Leaked CAD drawings Shows New Smart Connector



Rumors about the upcoming iPad Pro suggest that in a few weeks, Apple will have an event where new generation of iPads will be presented. There is already a lot of information that we have available, although we do not know if it is accurate or, on the contrary, we can not trust. What is true is that there is a tendency for Apple in two ways: eliminate the 3.5 mm jack and increase the screen of their devices.

The new reports indicate that the new iPad Pro of 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch would decrease its size and its screen would reach the edges, as in the case of the iPhone X. In this way we would have smaller devices but with the same screen .

Images of CAD drawings leaked in the past few hours showing a new connector installed on the back of the iPad Pro, just above the Lightning port. Most likely, it is the new Smart Connector that Apple has moved to make room for the Face ID system.

This would also mean forcing users to use the keyboard in portrait mode, and it does not make much sense. This is a very comfortable mode in some situations, but certainly not for those who use the iPad to work, write and maybe use two apps in multitasking.

Although Apple has the intention of integrating Face ID feature to the iPad Pro, the company is faced with a big problem, which is the horizontal mode. The latest published report ensures that the renewed Face ID has no compatibility with the horizontal mode. It is a problem because the iPad is used, above all, in a horizontal position to write and perform different actions. That is why we propose the option of modifying the position of the Smart Connector to the bottom of the device, so that manufacturers can design keyboards in vertical mode to use Face ID.

Apple could however place two Smart Connectors so as to allow the use of compatible accessories and keyboards in both modes.

In fact, the image in question does not even seem to show a Smart Connector and at the moment it is really difficult to figure out what it is, but remember that there are still leaked images that may not correspond to the device that will be presented by Apple.

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