androidExperts from the Trend Micro discovered vulnerabilities in the operating system Android, which can allow malicious applications to send potential smartphones and tablets in endless loops of error messages , and to destroy all the data on the devices.

According to Cybersecurity, « malicious programs ” using vulnerability Denial-of-Service, which runs on OS Android 2.3, 4.2.2 and 4.3. Attackers can use here being bug -class memory corruption, as well as to hide the attack in the code of a legitimate application , since the execution of the code can be provoked only after being hit on the one device. Causing field called Android applications with an extremely long name parameter (more than 387,000 characters) , an application can call on a smartphone or tablet endless cycles of failure .

In Trend Micro said that potentially this vulnerability may result in failure of the device and can cause significant harm to the user data . With some modifications to the code and the possibility of startup applications , the device can be sent to an endless cycle of reboots. Experts said Trend Micro, earlier similar vulnerabilities detected in Windows.

Experts say that in the case of Android the additional danger lies in the fact that the creators of the application offers the potential to safely hide malicious applications while testing in Google Play.

According to experts, in some cases the use of the bug can lead to the fact that the device will need to factory reset reinstall the OS with full data in ROM- memory.

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