New App Store Rule prohibits app promotion services


appstoreA new clause in Apple’s terms prohibits apps to other apps to promote in a manner similar to the App Store. The addition can cause problems for iPhone apps that contain lists of temporary discounted apps. Apple seems to have taken no steps to apps that are contrary to the clause from the App Store to pick up, but when submitting new applications can be run into problems.

The clause reads as follows:

“Apps That Display Applications Other Than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner-similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected.
The new regulations, a number of iPhone apps in the way. AppEvent example, offers in his apartment once in a while one month free Dutch and Belgian apps you can download. Apps like AppShopper show the range of apps in the App Store, so you can navigate through it on easy ways. It is still not clear at what exactly Apple apps will object, the legislation is broadly formulated. “


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