New Apple iPhone 4G Should be Announced next Monday


Apple must take advantage of the Global Builders Convention in San Francisco to introduce a brand new phone model. The suspense may not be legitimate after the leak within the Gizmodo website.

The surprises have always been the marketing muscle of Apple. But the presentation of the iPhone could turn to four non-event. This Monday, June 7, at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs is expected to formally present the new version of its iPhone. A difficult task since the surprise had been nipped in the bud by Gizmodo, a blog specializing in the area. The latter was obtained for a fee, a version of the last device that was lost in a bar, then had completely husked, literally as figuratively. Result: Apple expected to miss elements of surprise in his presentation.

At this conference, Steve Jobs should focus on news and updates available for this new iPhone. But then again, few surprises in the program: the company had already submitted the software that will be applied to the iPhone 4 as she presented the platform iad, allowing Apple to develop the market for advertising applications.

According to analysts, a real surprise could come from the announcement of an extension of the exclusive sales of the iPhone to Verizon.

So far, only AT&T can sell the device in the U.S. market. But again, the  announcement of Verizon would not be a revelation.

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