New Apple Patent Rumored For iPhone 7 Shows Dual-Camera System



Apple patent describes several ways in which the iPhone or any other device that includes this system will use both cameras simultaneously. For example, a camera could record video while the other would take photos of the scene, and something we can do with existing iPhones, but we must recognize that no advantage, even remotely, the full potential of the camera. Another advantage of this dual camera would that would use optical zoom, allowing us to make an enlarged picture greatly reducing the noise of the shot. Although these “twin chambers” could do much more.

One example would be Apple offered us to use content captured in editing software like iMovie, ensuring we could do a close-up of a person while doing multiple photos in burst. iMovie would be able to combine all the scene automatically and put all the pictures into place.

Although the registration of patents is done by a company does not necessarily mean it’s going to be used in their products, the fact that Apple backslide again and again with related technologies puts us on the trail of great interest. In this case we refer to an alleged dual camera system for your smartphone, a technology that propose different uses and methods for applying optical zoom to photos taken without loss of quality, among other uses.


If you decide that we just want to record video, you could record in slow motion and normal speed at the same time, something that does not seem too interesting until you tell us about the possibility of combining both video to record the video slow motion at 4K resolution, which is not It is possible right now.

Another option would allow us a dual chamber, although Apple did not describe in their patent, would be to apply a three-dimensional effect and even focus the image after taking it, something we have already seen in some HTC smartphones.

Clearly, Apple is not the first to add a dual camera if you decide to use this patent. The only thing I would ask Tim Cook and company if carried out would be that the quality of the photos was not compromised. For everything else, everything is adding features without losing the ones we have, it is something positive. In any case, it’s just a patent and not all come to light, but it serves to know what a company is investigating. (Source: USPTO)

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