The debut of the brand new iPhone and iPad pills in 2013 once more validated that customers would as prior to lining up for Apple information. Dedication to the fanatics than as soon as served the corporate in excellent stead. Now all eyes of customers directed to 2014.

Within the coming months we predict that new Apple gadgets. We put collectively an summary of the merchandise that Cupertino’s firm is making ready to refill its Arsenal in 2014.


Phones with large screens are becoming more and more popular on the market. But Apple still has intentionally refuses which have become traditional in the Android ecosystem of 5-inch panels. There is an opinion that smartphones with 4-inch screens already doesn’t look presentable. Many are waiting for Apple to release its own .

Insiders say that in the depths of Apple development is conducted already for a long time, the unit is almost ready and will soon be held announcement. There are few reasons.

Firstly, it should be noted that the large iPhone appeared long time ago, so Apple certainly not built a single prototype of this device, however, to bring to market the finished product is not in a hurry. Now the time for this has come and, according to analysts, the reason for such a change – Asia market. It is in this part of the world smartphones with a big screen in high demand. Buyers here would rather device with 4.5 or 5-inch display, than the 4-inch.

It is known that in Apple value their reputation and trust of consumers, so if in Cupertino and decide to release tablet, it is only after you have no doubts – users really need it. In addition, the main pride of the company from Cupertino is an incredible ecosystem, fit into that another model of smartphone will be not so easy.

12.9-inch iPad


According to knowledgeable sources in 2014 Apple will unveil a new model of the iPad from 12.9-inch display. The tablet with a larger screen will compete with others, offering a more compact size and weight, longer battery life and comparable to complete the work of the display.

In General, increasing the size of the screen would be a logical step-by Apple. Apple has already increased the LCD panel iPhone to 4-inch 3.5-inch, and tablets and stopped at a 9.7-inch. It is possible that the time has come for the next increase. However, changing the size of the screens will be associated with the increase of the resolution. And this, in turn, again will need to remake everything applications.

According to the latest data, the 12.9-inch iPad supports newfangled format 4K, will be released in the traditional period of renewal of the product line Apple, that is, in October. Recall, the current 9.7-inch iPad Air has a resolution of 2048×1536, that is placed in standard 2K.

New iPod Touch


Contrary to expectations, Apple presented new version of iPod touch simultaneously with smartphones iPhone 5s 5s. Moreover, it seems that the company knowingly committed a drop in sales of Touch: user preferences stronger tend to favor the smartphones with touchscreens. Is there any sense to release 6G iPod touch? Possible. Although, evil tongues say that Apple ever plans to abandon the players with a touch screen.

Retina MacBook Air 


Ultrathin laptops MacBook Air the next generation can be equipped Retina. Debut updated machines is expected in the second half of 2014. Innovation may affect the price of models to increase it.

Information appeared soon after reports emerged about the MacBook Pro with Retina displays – Apple decided to make an upgrade processors, while reducing cost on the machine.

According to the source, in 2013, the American manufacturer of plan to radically modernize the line are «Apple» ultra books. Users of new versions computers will receive the higher-resolution screens on all device models, as well as access to computing power of Intel’s new generation.

It is worth noting that together with the chip will improve and the graphics subsystem, which will positively affect the performance of the Retina MacBook Air, which have a very high-resolution.

4K-Thunderbolt Display


Rumors that Apple is planning to release monitor range Thunderbolt Display, equipped with super fine display class Retina, go with June of this year. In the framework of the WWDC company introduced a productive workstation Mac Pro, which has received support 4K. For Apple matter of honor of the release of a brand of the display device for newly-holders heavy duty desktop. Moreover, the most recent Californian giant updated the monitor in 2011.

The forerunner of the imminent release Thunderbolt 2 Display can be the fact of the beginning of the production of the 27-inch and 32-inch LCD panels with a resolution of 4K one of the main contractual suppliers Apple AU Optronics.

Apple TV fourth generation


In 2014 it is expected debut of the fourth generation Apple TV set-top boxes, which will move to a new hardware platform A7. Model Apple TV 3G debuted in March 2012. Your device supports the sending movies, TV shows and photos via Wi-Fi on the TV screen. Digital content can be broadcast over the Internet from a computer or iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac streaming.

Unlike the previous version, capable to output to an external display 720p video, Apple TV, 3G supports resolutions up to 1080p. In the basis of the gadget is A5, the familiar products such as the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, 5G and iPod touch, which one core disabled. In March came the second modification Apple TV 3G on the basis of advanced processor A5 produced in the cleaner 28-nanometer process.

Under the control of the Apple is more than half of the world market of consumer set-top boxes that connect to the TV for video streaming and access to various entertainment services. Apple TV 4G will allow the company to strengthen a dominant position on this market.



In the day of the presentation of the iPhone 4s, General Director of Softbank, met with Tim cook, the successor to Steve jobs. Suddenly their conversation is interrupted by a call. Cook asks forgiveness: “sorry, I must interrupt our meeting my boss calls me, Steve said he wanted to discuss one of the following products”. There were discussions in the media about what is the product before his death, said Steve jobs, there were different assumptions.

Perhaps the answer to this question is contained in the official biography of Steve jobs. On the pages of the book of the founder of Apple says that worked on the new product, capable to blow up the industry like the iPhone. And the product – TV. So maybe it was then, on the eve of his death, Steve jobs and discussed iTV tete-a-tete with his successor?

Rumors that Apple develops your TV, go for a very long time. Recently, the publication Bloomberg, backed by the insider sources, reported that iTV must be equipped with a display with a diagonal 65 and 55 inches. Moreover, Apple has not yet decided on the final technical characteristics. It is known that the display will occupy the entire front panel of the device. Initially Apple is expected to release iTV on the market in the fourth quarter of 2014, however, according to sources, the company decided to transfer the product announcement at a later date.



Apple nonetheless continues the coverage of «напустим mist sooner than the discharge, and it doesn’t matter what», and due to this fact a brand new watch iWatch there are best a mass of rumors, leaked information and different seldom formally proven the information.
Then again, insiders name presentation good watch “inevitable”, particularly taking into account the truth that the Cupertino continues and continues to register iWatch in several nations of the sector closing week. Mark already registered in Russia in Jamaica, purposes are filed in Taiwan, Mexico, India, and Turkey – a complete of 9 international locations, aside from for these, the place the logo is already registered.

Is that a wise hours Apple will sensor fingerprint reader. In accordance to a few information, the clock runs on iOS, and the utmost time of existence on a single cost, two days whereas the use of a minimal. That, after all, a small indicator.

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