New Apple TV Remote to Add Touch Pad



In recent months, Apple added numerous channels including the supply of services such as Hulu, Netflix or HBO content to the Apple TV and has lowered the price from $99 to $69.

However, Apple already has competitors offering many more benefits such as Player of Google Nexus or Amazon Fire TV, not to mention the benefits for the audiovisual entertainment begin to offer consoles like the Microsoft Xbox or Sony Playstation. It is expected that the new Apple TV will see the light at the next conference for developers that Apple held in June

The New York Times claims to have learned from a reliable source Details of the next generation of the Apple TV remote. When will the new Apple TV next summer will enclose a remote control that is slightly thicker than the previous model Apple – and will feature a touchpad.

The touchpad enables users to scroll through content. In addition there will be two physical buttons. Despite the innovation Apple should therefore continue to pursue a strategy to keep the operation simple – and to put on a few instead of a large number of buttons. Also it fits Apple’s penchant for touch surfaces over which even the Magic Mouse features.

Rumored has it that Apple this Summerwill perhaps as part of the WWDC introduce a new model of of its set top box, which cooperate with a new TV streaming service from Apple and could support apps for the first time. Especially for the touchpad remote control apps  that would be offered.

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