The brand new iPad&#one hundred sixty;used to be by means of&#one hundred sixty;iFixit already opened while most buyers still had to stand in line at the Apple Store. The inside of the new Apple TV was initially drawn attention, but it is all out i the open now. A forum user from has done a teardown to find an answer to the always exciting question: what's inside? First there is the processor. That seems to be very similar to the A5 processor in the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. 


Apple-tv-2 (3)


This is an A5 processor dual-core processor and the calculation module of the new Apple TV has only one core. Since Apple had already reported that Apple TV has an Apple A5 single-core chip . The previous Apple TV had an A4 processor, which also single core and we know from the iPhone 4 and the first iPhone.

More interesting is how much memory and how much flash storage inside. About There is nothing to find in the product description from Apple. The previous Apple TV had 256 MB of RAM, which is now doubled to 512 MB. Probably needed to 1080p video without any problem to play.More flash storage seems not needed, because the Apple TV holds 8 GB of storage. More you have basically not necessary since you do not files or apps on the device can convert.



There is also another interesting change can be found inside the Apple TV: there is an additional Wi-Fi antenna. What exactly he meant, is (still) not clear, but probably it is the quality of the connection to optimize for when you want to stream 1080p videos.[MacRumors]


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