Rumors about the price of Apple’s new set-top box so far is $149-$200. Sources of well-informed usually John Paczkowski have him now informed that Apple chose the smaller the price of entry.

In addition to price information John Paczkowski could still name a few more details for BuzzFeed well. As suggested in advance, and was underpinned by apparently Apple’s invitation for September 9 with reference to Siri, the new Apple TV will be equipped with a profound Siri support.

When combined with the 9 featured in iOS App overarching search function (“universal search”) is to receive a much more powerful search Apple TV so now.

With the help of language assistants now is no longer just individually in Apple’s own catalog or the Netflix catalog can be searched, but wanted a request for (almost) all supported video providers simultaneously on the desired TV show, movie or actor and director can be. From the results of such a request the desired provider can then be selected.

According Buzzfeeds sources should this not be Siri solely responsible, but also the art of assumed in August 2013 Startup Matcha.

Hardware features: models with 8 GB or 16 GB

As 9to5Mac further reported that the new Apple TV could now potentially presented in two different versions.

So Apple should either the simultaneous presentation of two different models with 8 and 16 GB with prices of $149 or $199 , or only one variate with 16GB for $149. No matter how Apple will decide in a week: The new Apple TV will be available from $149.

Additional technical details is according to 9to5Mac, an A8 chip is included, as can be found in the current iPhone 6.  Apple could this but have adapted for use in the Apple TV since about battery-saving measures are no longer necessary.

The new remote control is not now be gray / black longer silver but. Below the touchpad should be to find a dedicated Siri- and home button. In addition to these two buttons is further intended to provide another two buttons for volume control.

As for the connection with the outside world, to the new box the same model still current. But who expects from the HDMI port now flows a 4K signal to back, is sadly disappointed. Apple is said to have decided not to support high-definition video; despite the fact that the new iPhone will be equipped with a 6s 4K video function.

Currently the presentation of the new Apple TV for 9 September 2015 expected. The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is expected to be a part of the special events in San Francisco next week.

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