New Apple Videos Aiming At Encouraging Android Users To Switch To iPhone


apple androidSeeking to convince the competition users, Apple has published two more commercials to encouraging Android consumers of how much the Apple is more beautiful. In the first video, the company praises the Apple Store that has greater control over application security.

Two great strengths in which Apple decided to invest in its advertising campaign, dedicating a spot of 15 seconds to each of its strong aspects. First and foremost certainly the App Store, now a great reference point for the Cupertino company that enhances the superior quality of its applications but above all its great security; in fact, the company always works hard to offer the best possible experience to its users by protecting them from harmful apps for their phone.

In the second video, however, Apple enhances its photographic section and its portrait mode. Be able to take pictures that can offer, according to the company effects worthy of a photographic studio.

Apple is always convinced of its superiority compared to what is offered by the competition, understanding however now that excellence on the market is a very relative aspect that has gone over the years to smooth due to the ever increasing quality standards offered by the competition. Apple has for some time offered on the Play Store also a simple solution to help its Android users to switch to iOS thanks to the Move to iOS application, designed to simplify the transfer of personal data from the Google platform to iOS. Will these new commercials break through the hearts of the most undecided Android users, persuading them to change their brand of reference?

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Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting

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