Good news for the jailbreak community, a new bootrom for iPhone 3GS has been introduced and it is a fact that this development is quite special. Although the iPhone 3GS is a very old device and the number of active users is small in this context, bootrom abuse is a rare development. For this reason, the issue is becoming quite remarkable at this point.

The Exploit, which was launched by Twitter user axi0mX, is called alloc8 and uses a security hole in the bootrom. You can find out the details of the exploit and how it works on the axiomX GitHub page . While most of the writings are quite technical, they can be quite valuable for those who want to increase their knowledge of iOS jailbreak in general.

The original iPhone 3GS bootrom already had a security vulnerability used by 24Kpwn. However, since bootrom exploitation is at a very low level, the prospect of a development on this side is quite high. Because of this exploitation, software upgrading, software dropping, jailbreaking, private company software can be installed on the device and full control on the device is possible. For this reason, I would like to remind you that this development is incredibly serious on the Apple side and is incredibly valuable to developers.

This security vulnerability in 3GS can only be corrected with a hardware update. So any software update will not remove this security vulnerability. No jailbreak tool in the near term has benefited from this type of security and such a bootrom has not been released for any device since the iPhone 4.

This new app works on the boot screen for both older and newer versions of iPhone 3GS, meaning that the device is now permanently broken, depending on whether Apple can not make new fixes or release a new software update. Of course, this development will no longer make sense for users who are now keeping 3GS away from itself, but it is true that more research is being done on the iPhone’s pre-load components.

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