New Concept iPhone 8 With Transparent OLED Display



iPhone 8 concept created by Georgy Pashkov, screen Curve made in OLED, TFT curved display, wireless charging with fast charge, glass on both sides (front and back) or this render today are some of the rumors that we have been seeing these months. Obviously in the case of this screen we can say that it is almost impossible to see this year on the iPhone, but ultimately the rumors, patents and imagination can bring ideas and is that Apple already patented in the US registry office A screen similar to this or rather the technology of a transparent screen.

In this case Pashkov, has designed a render of what looks like the outside of an iPhone and it is true that there is nothing that can not be done, but in this case what we believe is that it is not possible for the boys of Cupertino have A device similar to this for this year, may in the future yes, but not for an iPhone 8 or later.

In any case the usefulness that can be given to the iPhone with a transparent screen or similar to the one we have in this concept does not have a great use in the day to day, since although it is true visually can impact, in practice Can be useless. The rear and the place where you have to place the battery, camera, RAM and other internal components make this concept very beautiful, but practically unviable for use. What I find closest in this render is the fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen, something that we could see sooner rather than later. What do you think of this concept of transparent iPhone?

(Source: ConceptsiPhone [YouTube])

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