Soon. the new iPhone to be presented and we know almost all the news that come with them. Same with the Apple TV 4 that unless last-minute surprise, we know it will feature its own App Store and Siri as main news. Now comes the iPad Pro, the “professional” tablet will have a 12.9 inch screen  with the basic 64GB model .

There will be at least one more 128GB model, but it is possible that there is another model with more capacity yet. This makes sense when you consider that the iPad is designed for professional use, but it is also true that by selling an iPhone with large screen and 256GB of capacity could see sales of MacBook come down, so it does not look very good Idea (for Apple).

The operating system will use the Pro iPad iOS 9.1, which would be the first version of iOS with all or most of failures corrected and which could include some important news for a tablet of this size. And as for the colors, a variant of pink gold is not expected, so keep the colors of Gold, Silver and Grey Space.

Pro iPad production can not be said to go from strength to strength, since it is a little delayed, but still within the provisions. At first, I thought Apple to sell the first iPad Pro in early November, but it seems that the first customers will have to wait until later this month, it does not seem that bad come to Apple when you consider that in December the start Christmas holidays.

Those who have tried this say larger iPad screen 12.9-inch is a” monster “. In this device, the split screen when the iPad is in landscape allow vertical run two full-screen applications in a slightly different as in the split screen of the iPad Air 2.

All AX9 move the processor, which is said to be a very important step with respect to AX8 Air iPad 2. And the sound also sounds “Pro”, this tablet will have four speakers stereo, which contrasts with the only Lightning port will have on the bottom. Bad news for those who expected more ports for connecting peripherals.

IPad Pro come with two keyboards and a stylus with support for Force Touch, but all accessories are sold separately. Regarding keyboards, Apple has been working on two: one that doubles as a holster and another that is more like the Apple Wireless Keyboard. This “professional iPad” and all its accessories will be presented tomorrow, but do not expect a low price. It is believed that the iPad Pro + keyboard have a price similar to the basic MacBook, so as to assess whether there is a more limited but removable system or a more complete system is preferred but not how good of a tablet.

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