With Apple TV developers kit already, acquired by developers, they are working and we have already started providing details of the fourth generation of Apple set top box. The first thing we know is that the controls of previous versions will work with the upcoming 4th generation that will go on sale in about a month, but obviously only to navigate TVOS and control things that allows its obsolete hardware, however nothing to control Siri

Siri remote has an accelerometer that will allow turning the TV screen when we take over. Logically, the display will be on standby to make this possible. Basically it will be like when we play a key on your computer turning off the display to save power. It is not terribly important, but curious.

Moreover, it will be possible to run emulators on Apple TV 4, although it is unlikely (but not impossible) that Apple games emulators allow any of their devices. What I did not like developer Steve Troughton-Smith is that the command has accelerometer, a digital pad and several buttons, but only allowed to use one of them, a decision that, according to him, must be reversed.

Apple says the Apple TV 4 is the future of television. This time they are right, but will not say it’s because the device is the best in the world, if not for the importance of applications on any device today. Steve Troughton-Smith also had a browser prepared for the Apple TV, which will allow, for example, browsing websites that offer streaming videos.

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