New important points on the iPhone 5 design regardless of October liberate


A pair weeks in the past, iLounge had some rumors about the new iPhone 5. According to many analysts, 2012 is certainly the year when the iPhone 5 in the market to come. The next generation Apple smarphone is schedule to be release in october despite its design still undergoing  process. Immediately after Samsung's launch of the Samsug Galaxy S3 came the first rumors about Apple's new baby back outside. 

A number of U.S. blogs speculate on the launch of the top unit, with some June already have in mind. 
That seems to me that fast, especially considering the rumor that comes out today.  According iMore, there would be some problems for the appearance of the iPhone 5 and will have a smaller dock connector. The problems have mainly to do with the materials to be used. In addition of not being agreed on the size and display, the iPhone 5 a screen up to 4 "high and has no aspect ratio of 16:9. In addition, Apple is currently testing a smaller
dock connector. The iPhone 5 will just keep a physical home button and can also provide support for 4G LTE.

Point of discussion is still known as the Apple "home button". As for the launch of the iPhone 4s was mentioned the lack of a "home button". It remains only conjecture, and we know exactly what the new iPhone if Apple will bring him announcing.

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